[amsat-dc] Re: ARISS contact in Laurel [Md], May 14-19

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Thu Jan 12 09:25:44 PST 2012

The Waxter grounds are tucked into 
the SW corner of the BW Pkwy and MD 198 
behind the shopping center.  

Attached is a JPG layout of the property 
and the immediate vicinity.  Note that 
there is a big water tower to the 

Let's go do a site visit in person soon.  
An obscuration plot is in order once we 
have a good idea of exactly where the 
contact will take place and thus the 
placement of the antennas.  

I would not delay in assembling the 
primary stations and putting them through 
their exercises.  

I suggest a low to modest gain omni on the 
back up station, not so much a turnstile 
or a turnstile over reflector antenna.  

When can we go?  



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I have one of the clubs az-el controllers, but not the cable or 
rotator.   I also have the club's 2m / 70cm Kenwood all mode radio.  
(Note this is NOT the 711/811 radios, but a single radio that 
does 2m and 70cm.)  I also have two of our Astron 12V
power supplies, 20 or 30 Amps I think.

In the past when we have done direct SAREX contacts we used the 
clubs 2m turnstile antenna as a backup to the AZ/EL.  I think it's 
up in the NASA warehouse in Laurel.  We should be able to get it 
out if we need it.  (It does not have an ECN tag.)

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I might have some equipment to use.  I have antennas and could provide a
radio, if necessary.  I do believe that K6DUE has an extra az/el rotator.
Only other thing is the cable.

Frank, KA3HDO

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From: wa3nan Dave Taylor
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My thanks to those who are willing to support this contact.

I understand the GARC equipment is a problem; I'll be contacting the
Columbia club about availability of their Field Day satellite station.

-- Dave

On Jan 11, 2012, at 11:55 AM, Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) wrote:

> With apologies to baseball movie fans, . . .
> If you build it (get the VOLUNTEERS to support
> the contact) then they (the gear needed for
> a direct contact the required back up station)
> will come.
> I'm in.
> Cheers,
> Pat
> N8PK
> P.S. Marco N5ACR said he and his home station
> as a combo are available to support the contact
> too.
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From: wa3nan Daniel Schultz
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Subject: [WA3NAN] ARISS contact in Laurel, May 14-19

GARC members and local Amsat-DC members:

Who is interested and available to support an ARISS contact with Waxter Young
Women's Academy in Laurel in May? (The same week as Dayton unfortunately.)
Please contact me with a CC: to Dave if you are interested.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Dave's email is:  dave.w8aas at verizon.net  

Hi Dan,

We are arranging the contact with Waxter Young Women's Academy in 
Laurel for the week of May 14-19, 2012.  Can you check with GARC and 
confirm that you can support the contact in that week?  It is, 
unfortunately, the week that ends with the Dayton Hamvention (18-20 
May), but with luck we can get the contact in before anyone needs to 
leave.  We might also be able to get some assistance from the Columbia 
club's satellite group, if needed.


-- Dave

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