[amsat-dc] Booth & Forum at GBHC Timonium March 27-28

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-5680) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 9 07:22:34 PST 2010


Hello all,

Lotsa plannin' goin' on in these parts

for March and April . . .

I am preparing for the Greater Baltimore

Hamboree and Computerfest / ARRL Maryland

State Convention at the end of this month.

See the official web link above.

So far, I am flying pretty much solo, but

I have some big plans that I think can be

pulled off without much sweat.

You are invited to pass by to chat while

you are there.  Or, if you are so moved,

you can join forces with me, regardless

whether or not you are an ARRL or AMSAT

member.  (I could use a hand or two. ;-)

The basic plan:

I have TWO tables reserved for an AMSAT

booth in the Exhibition Hall, not far from

the main ARRL booth.  I will set up there

in Timonium on Friday night, March 26,

so that we can hit the road "running" as

soon as the hamfest gates open to the

public on Saturday morning, March 27.

I have two one-hour forum slots to fill

on Sunday morning, March 28, for AMSAT.

I am working to get a visible AMSAT

official to start with a short talk (any

subject), and then I will backfill the

remaining time with a Microcontroller-

based simulated satellite project that

Amateur Radio beginners and long-time

experimenters will be sure to enjoy.  My

segment will culminate with a small

balloon launch, not unlike what Bob

Bruninga, WB4APR, did years ago except

that the "flight modules" got smaller,

cheaper, more powerful(!) and expendable.

I will publicize a local AMSAT-DC Workshop

that will be held in Greenbelt in late

April like last year.

I welcome your advice and recommendations.

All things considered, the hamfest should

be lots of fun.





Mr. Patrick L. Kilroy
Integration & Test Manager
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Building 5, Mail Code 568
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
Phone: +1-301-286-1984
E-mail: Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov
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