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Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-568.0) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 25 05:16:34 PST 2008

Hello Scott,


Thanks for your message.  Glad to meet you.  


Do you *live* in the Waldorf, Md. area as well?  There are 

several AMSAT members in southern Maryland, as you will 

discover while you hang out with us on the amsat-dc e-mail 

list, meet on various local repeaters, run into each other 

at local hamfests, and participate in AMSAT activities in 

the Maryland-D.C. area.  


Several of us will be at the hamfest in Timonium, Md. on 

Saturday/Sunday, March 29-30.  We will host an AMSAT 

table there.  Hope you can attend.  


Many of us will be celebrating Space Day 2008 at the 

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum next to the national mall 

in D.C. on Saturday, May 3.  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, and 

others are organizing the AMSAT events that day with 

planning in the works, so keep an eye out for news on the 

amsat-dc list, on www.amsat.org and in the AMSAT Journal.  

Please join us!  


   Lockheed Martin is presenting Family Space Day 

   at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in 

   Washington, D.C.  Organization Type: Smithsonian 

   National Air & Space Museum.  We expect 10,000 

   participants for this event.  Admission: Free.  



Other activities abound.  Watch too the ANS bulletins!  


Hope to meet you in the main stream sometime soon.  








Pat Kilroy
Building 5, Mail Code 568
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
Phone: +1-301-286-1984
E-mail: Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov



From: N3UJJ (Scott Gillis) [mailto:N3UJJ at N3UJJ.COM] 
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 12:50 PM
To: Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-568.0)
Subject: Just found you




I just found your site (and AMSAT-dc mailing list), wish I had found it
2 weeks ago.... 
I'm still getting my Sat-Station set up in my shack 
Any local contacts that I can bounce ideas off, on the following
hardware/software ? 
Icom IC-910H
Yaesu GS-5500 (with GS-232B)
Gulf Alpha 2 Meter 5X5 Cross Polarity
Gulf Alpha
70CM 8x8 Cross Polarity Yagi

Just got everything up last week and now am fine tuning everything.... 
I seem to have more questions every day 

Scott Gillis N3UJJ
My Current Location <http://location.n3ujj.com> 
My Amateur Weather Station <http://weather.n3ujj.com/>  

Scott Gillis 
Systems Administrator 
Toyota of Waldorf 
2600 Crain Highway 
Waldorf, MD 20601 
301.843.3700 (Receptionist) 
240.607.1220 (Direct Line) 
301.399.0439 (Cell Phone) 
164*22*23122 (Nextel Direct Connect)


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