[amsat-dc] March 15 Meeing Followups

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-568.0) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Mon Mar 17 09:23:30 PST 2008

Hi all,

What a wonderful time we had, right?  

The photos, meeting minutes and comments are starting to 
flow in, thank you!  Here are some status points and some 
requests for follow up, if possible and if not out of 
line, . . . 

1. Please go to the web page, get a copy of the updated 
agenda, and scan for any more corrections needed.  I will 
make the changes and then we will upload the copy to serve 
us For The Record.  Presenters are graciously asked to check 
the title I have listed, because some of them are my own 
"cutesy" titles I had made up before the meeting.  Thank 
you again for your support!  

2. Those who brought in hardware for our hi-tech Show 'n' 
Tell, I believe I have on record what it is and who it belongs to.  This
information will be reflected in the record.  If 
you wish to list/describe the hardware YOURSELF then please 
shoot me an e-mail with your text.  Thank you!  

3. Please let me know if I missed anyone in the "TNX List" 
at the bottom of the agenda.  I want to capture all of our 
contributors to our successful meeting and space seminar 
and make each of you/them known.  Thank you again!  

4. The meeting minutes were ALREADY offered to me by Bruce 
Semple, WA3SWJ, and so I am doing some "touch ups" on his 
rather excellent work.  They will be released this week for 
all.  Any one who wishes to, in turn, add, clarify points, 
or "correct" anything will have a 24-48 hour opportunity to 
do so before they become our official "record".  So BE 
READY and keep an eye out!  

5. For photos, I wonder if we could embed the date, callsign 
and name, either in the image itself -OR- in the filename 
of each image?  Example: XXXXXXXXX-2008-0315-Bob-WP4BQV.jpg, 
where XXXXXXXXX is your own filename or index number, 
followed by the mks date format, name and callsign, all 
separated by a dash.  In the case of a hardware picture, 
maybe this: XXXXXXXXXX-2008-0315-N4ZPT-hardware.  And then 
the name or callsign of the person who took or otherwise 
offered the photo in the first place should be represented 
too:  W4ART-XXXXXXXXXX-2008-0315-K3IO-hardware.jpg?  Or 
XXXXXXXXXX-W4ART-2008-0315-K3IO-hardware.jpg, where all 
after the date is a "description" of the photo subject.  

6. We will soon identify on the amsat-dc reflector each 
"Special Interest List" page that was sent around the room 
for sign up.  That way, others may sign up for a particular 
activity too.  My last count was two by Frank Bauer, KA3HDO 
(one for the Space Day activity at the National Air & Space 
Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 3, 
and the other for a special AMSAT activity on the National 
Mall to take place during the annual Folk Life Festival in 
June/July timeframe, exact dates TBD), one by Dan Schultz, 
N8FGV and me (regarding volunteer sign ups for staffing the 
AMSAT table at the Timonium Hamfest on Saturday or Sunday, 
March 29-30, no experience required) and one by me (asking 
for volunteers to sign up for a slot on our Steering Committee 
to plan and prepare next year's AMSAT-DC Meeting and Space 
Seminar, which will have changes, new features including a 
a workshop to build something, however simple, e.g., a hand 
held 70cm Yagi, or a PICetSat flight module, or a 

7. If anyone has any Lessons Learned or improvements for 
next year to offer then please write either to me directly, 
or if you wish, (diplomatically) share with all on the 
amsat-dc e-mail reflector.  Remember, for many items for 
"improvement" please offer either a volunteer by name to 
do it or describe a means for another volunteer on how to 
accomplish such a task.  

Whew.  I didn't think this message was going to be this 
long!  I hope you stayed with me!  

What did I miss??  (HI, HI.)  



>Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 20:30:33 -0400
>From: "Robert Morales" <wp4bqv at gmail.com>
>Subject: [amsat-dc] Re: Meeting: Order of Start
>To: amsat-dc at amsat.org
>Pat (and all presenters),
>Outstanding job once again putting together memorable AMSAT-DC
>gathering!  My daughter Grace and I had great time.  Look 
>forward to seeing the pictures taken during the meeting.  
>Cheers and 73s de Bob, WP4BQV.
>R. L. Morales, WP4BQV
>wp4bqv at gmail.com
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>"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." - Carl Sagan

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