[amsat-dc] Re: Bring Your Dual Band HT

Tom Clark, K3IO k3io at verizon.net
Fri Mar 14 22:04:13 PST 2008

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-568.0) wrote:
> DON'T FORGET to bring your dual-band handheld transceiver to 
> the AMSAT-DC gathering.  And don't forget to remind yourself how 
> to program a split offset before you leave home (check the 
> manual).  If you do this you may be glad.  See again Tom K3IO's 
> message below.  
> TX 435.900 MHz FM
> RX 144.350 MHz FM
> C U soon,
> Pat
> N8PK
> http://patkilroy.com/amsat-dc/
Bring all-mode radios like an FT-817, The Suitsat-2 SDX has a 50-khz 
wide LINEAR passband. FM is OK, but it would sure be nice to see some 
SSB testing too.

73, Tom

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