[amsat-dc] ALERT: Presenter Info Needed

Kilroy, Patrick L. (GSFC-568.0) patrick.l.kilroy at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 11 08:52:37 PST 2008

To all Presenters for this coming Saturday ...

I am attempting to draft the final agenda and I 
need at least five bits of info from each 

1. A working title for your talk.  

2. Your full name (and callsign if available) 
and of each additional person appearing or 
presenting under your given title.  

3. A time duration request.  For most slots I am 
accepting slots -- including Q&A -- of either 
10-minutes, 20-minutes or 30-minutes.  If more 
time is needed then I ask two questions: Exactly 
how much more and, more importantly, Can you 
segregate your time in separate 10, 20 or 
30-minute modules to give at different times?  
(I insist to keep the agenda moving quickly!  
Please note that I've been to plenty of 
professional symposiums where only ten minutes 
flat is given per presenter before the red 
light and HALT comes on!)  

4. Will you have an accompanying demo for show 
'n' tell?  That is, do you need a half-table for 
Your hardware?  Or how much more table space?  

5. Will you make your slides available to me 
if I convert them to a PDF file (read only file) 
before posting or archiving to our amsat-dc web 
site?  I will have a USB thumb drive with me.  

Sorry.  Late responders go last if at all.  

Someone was working with a high school, TJHS, 
in northern Virginia.  I have not heard from the 
teacher, Mr. Adam Kemp, in a long time.  Does 
any one know if they are still interested in 
presenting?  Was it you Bill W3HXFS, or Art 
W3ART, or David W2LNX?  Can one of you get the 
above info from them to me by Friday?  Else, 
no joy.  Thank you!  

I am looking for someone there on Saturday to 
offer their fast laptop PC, running either 
Windows XPP or Windows Vista, to let it serve 
as our PowerPoint PC and be plugged into my 
Toshiba LCD projector.  Any takers for the 
first half of the day?  Any for the second 
half?  Thanks!  

Looking forward to a fine day on March 15.  


Pat Kilroy

Mr. Patrick L. Kilroy
Flight Systems Integration and Test (I&T)
Building 5, Mail Code 568
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
Phone: 301-286-1984
E-mail: Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov
   LRO Project http://lro.gsfc.nasa.gov

"Regarding Reviews, the nice thing about the 
  truth is that it makes having to remember 
       what you said so much easier."  

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