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Pat Kilroy pat at patkilroy.com
Sat Feb 23 08:47:41 PST 2008

Wow, Tom,

Those are simply amazing!  

Yes, please DO bring the hardware demos, and I 
will make sure you have a presenter's slot or 
two as well!  

Oh, let me know if you need anything other 
than standard 120V AC to make it happen.  

I will bring an agile 2m handheld too!  

Thank you,


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Pat Kilroy wrote: 
>Hi guys, We have about three weeks until our local AMSAT meeting 
> and space seminar.  Here is my status report 

In case you would be interested, I have a new project in the worksthat enables a low-cost, accurate computer controlled antennapositioner. This is NOT another computer interfacethat uses potentiometers inside the rotor --- all control is digital. I'm getting about 1° accuracy in both az & el, and it is quite suitable for small (~1m) dishes and/or small yagis.  Not sure of the final costs yet, but a 2-axis rotor system with controller should cost <$250.

Also, I think we will be in the position to demonstrate a functioning bench-board prototype of the Suitsat-2 SDX transponder on the air.  People should be prepared to TX on 70 cm (435.9) & RX on 2M (either 144.35 or 435.90 TBD).

73, Tom

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