[amsat-dc] Anybody want a surplused HughesNet setup?

Will Marchant kc6rol at amsat.org
Wed Feb 20 07:29:57 PST 2008

We're out in the sticks so to get decent Internet access we had to get a 
bi-directional satellite dish from HughesNet.  We recently had technical 
problems and they forced us to upgrade all our hardware.  They abandoned 
all the old stuff here.  So I've got a surplused 0.8 meter dish with 
feedhorn electronics and a modem.  The installer that came out thinks it 
was the surge protectors that the original installer put onto the cable 
harness.  He suspects all the electronics are fine.  The dish has a 
scrape where the siding guys managed to scratch it.  The dish has a 
pipe-mount on the back.  (You'd have to supply your own pipe and 
concrete.  8)  There is no harness as they reused all the old cabling in 
the new installation.

I'm just looking to get it out of the yard and into a good home, I don't 
need money for it.  But you need to come out to Warrenton, VA to pick it 
up!  Since this is old stuff I don't think that HughesNet will let you 
commission it.  But I suspect somebody could turn it into a setup for 
the ham-sats.

Will Marchant, NAR 13356, Tripoli 10125 L3, FBIS
kc6rol at amsat.org     http://www.spaceflightsoftware.com/will/

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