[amsat-dc] Call to Volunteer for AMSAT-DC Meeting 2008

Pat Kilroy Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 25 10:46:25 PST 2008

Call to Volunteer for AMSAT-DC Meeting

WE ARE LOOKING for a few good people to help
make our meeting and space seminar on March 15
an outstanding success.  We can make it happen.
AMSAT members in the past have been great hosts
and hostesses.

More demos are sought.  Do you have a piece of
hardware that you built, software you wrote, an
article of interest you wrote, any photos you took,
or have an activity (done or to propose) that you
would share with the group?  Please do!

Help boost attendance!  Can you help spread the
word for us?  Bring a friend, tell a teacher,
invite others, talk it up on a net, or distribute
fliers?  Hand out fliers at a club meeting or a

Can you post the "clip 'n' share" notice to an
e-mail list?

Could you come an hour early to help set up or
stay a few minutes late to clean up?

Can you bring some munchies or soft drinks to

These items, above and below, are being coordinated
on the amsat-dc e-mail list. If you don't make your
help known in ADVANCE then we must assume that the
task will not get done.  Thank you for your support!

LIST OF TASKS (persons needed) -- person volunteering

  1. Speakers/presenters (6) -- Your name here or below.
  2. Demos (6-12) -- Your name here or below.
  3. Tour guides (2) -- Your name here.
  4. Greeters (3) for registration table, sign-in, name
     badges, etc.
  5. Advertisers (100) -- Every person.
  6. Meeting Go-fer (2) -- Your name here.
  7. Talk-in (8 AM - 11 AM) -- Gary Chatters, WA9ZZZ
  8. Talk-in (11 AM - 1 PM) -- ???
  9. Photographers (2 more) -- Your name here.
10. Video (2) w light, sound & editing as needed --
     Your name here.
11. Notes/minutes (2) -- Your name here.
12. Time keeper (1)
13. Food/drink (10)
14. Set up (4)
15. Clean up (4)
16. Refreshment table keeper (1)
17. Lunch planner (1)

Please download the AMSAT-DC-2008 flier from the
amsat-dc web page, print copies and share them widely.

NOTES: Free paved parking is available a short walk
from the museum meeting location. Like always, $$
donations will be accepted to help offset the associated
seminar costs.  Like last year, we'd like to in turn
give a portion as a donation for the museum itself.



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