[amsat-dc] Re: On Planning AMSAT-DC Meeting 2008

Pat Kilroy Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov
Thu Nov 29 15:02:55 PST 2007

Wow, a very interesting proposal indeed!

Let's share this with everyone and see what they
say!  Please see all below.

Thomas Jefferson High School
6560 Braddock Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22312
(Fairfax County)
Phone: 703-750-8300


What questions do we need to ask the school to
assure that we will have a successful meeting?



At Thursday 11/29/2007 04:59 PM, Arthur Feller wrote:
>Hi, Pat!
>Would anyone have hearburn meeting in Virginia?
>If it's OK, I'll ask the folks at TJHSST if they'll
>arrange for us to use the school.  Since it's a
>premier science and technology high school, they
>might go for it.
>What do you think??
>73, art.....
>W4ART  Arlington, VA
>PS  Congrats on your girls.  What did they do??  [See below.]
>At 10:38 AM 29-11-2007, you wrote:
>>give it some thought, especially since Easter
>>and Passover come early this year -- so we
>>need to likewise plan earlier than normal in
>>order to schedule it well before those dates.
>>For the venue, I was hoping to use the same
>>Pioneer Hall at the HEM as last year.  I must
>>check with the manager there soon.  (So far
>>they have seemed content with our modest $50
>>If you have any other nice venues in mind (for
>>free or no more than $50, and a reasonable
>>guarantee against being bumped) then I am all
>>Checking the new calendar, the date I am
>>looking at now is either Saturday, March 8 or
>>March 15, 2008.
>>An earlier start time?  Maybe 10 A.M. instead
>>of 11?  (How to we deal better with lunch?)
>>A change in format?  Or an added feature?
>>Any ideas or preferences on our meeting?
>>Please call now.
>>Web: http://www.patkilroy.com/amsat-dc
>>in need of a number of updates.
>>P.S. I am sorry I missed you all at Pittsburgh
>>last month.  With three teenagers, I have been
>>up to my ears in family activities.  It paid
>>off -- EACH one of my daughters became a
>>national champion in each of their extra-
>>curricular fields this month!

 From an earlier reply off line:
 >To answer your questions, first, I'm sorry that I
 >missed Pittsburgh.  I knew it was going to be an
 >excellent meeting, but I had a load of family action
 >then and all over November.  (The great family news is
 >that each of my three teenage daughters became national
 >champions in their field, one in collegiate soccer,
 >one in percussion and one in color guard.  The last
 >two (the younger two) are in a competitive marching
 >band [at] Century High School.  But I digress.)

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