[amsat-dc] On Planning AMSAT-DC Meeting 2008

Pat Kilroy Patrick.L.Kilroy at nasa.gov
Thu Nov 29 07:38:55 PST 2007

give it some thought, especially since Easter
and Passover come early this year -- so we
need to likewise plan earlier than normal in
order to schedule it well before those dates.

For the venue, I was hoping to use the same
Pioneer Hall at the HEM as last year.  I must
check with the manager there soon.  (So far
they have seemed content with our modest $50

If you have any other nice venues in mind (for
free or no more than $50, and a reasonable
guarantee against being bumped) then I am all

Checking the new calendar, the date I am
looking at now is either Saturday, March 8 or
March 15, 2008.

An earlier start time?  Maybe 10 A.M. instead
of 11?  (How to we deal better with lunch?)

A change in format?  Or an added feature?

Any ideas or preferences on our meeting?

Please call now.



Web: http://www.patkilroy.com/amsat-dc
in need of a number of updates.

P.S. I am sorry I missed you all at Pittsburgh
last month.  With three teenagers, I have been
up to my ears in family activities.  It paid
off -- EACH one of my daughters became a
national champion in each of their extra-
curricular fields this month!

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