[amsat-dc] AMSAT Pocomoke Lab volunteers!

Robert Davis bob2leo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 08:22:30 PDT 2007

 First, JC & Ray thank you so much for helping so much on Saturday. The lab
looks great!
 99% of the AMSAT property is now inside the Pocomoke Lab (instead of the
warehouse on the other side of our wall). The construction and painting of
the lab & machine shop is complete! Come help and check out the new lab!

New photos here:

I have the following *schedule* for the AMSAT lab in October.

Sat Oct 6 Closed
Mon Oct 8 Open - Columbus Day and I have it off!
Sat Oct 13 Open
Sat Oct 20 Open
Sat Oct 27 Closed - AMSAT Space Symposium

I will be presenting two papers at the AMSAT Space Symposium in Pittsburg,
PA. First, the new AMSAT Pocomoke Spacecraft Integration Lab. Second, status
of the AMSAT Eagle spacecraft mechanical design. If you're interested in
either of my papers or in the symposium, send me an email.

My goals before end of *October*:
1) paint cleanroom (everything available to do this)
2) prep cleanroom as necessary for sprinkler system installation and finish
those fluorescent lights (just met with Fire Marshal again and contractor
will give quote now).
3) Make new module prototype (now looking at machined instead of

My goals for *November*:
1) Complete cleanroom (install filters, etc)
2) Raise tower?
3) APRS?

If you have any *questions*, send me an email KF4KSS at amsat.org or call my
cell 443-783-7794.

For *directions* to the Pocomoke Lab, map to this intersection:
Pocomoke Belt & Broad St
Pocomoke City, MD 21851

Robert Davis

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