[amsat-dc] Mark Your Calendars for Exciting Fall PVRC Presentations

Eric Rosenberg wd3q at starpower.net
Sat Jul 14 10:54:35 PDT 2007

We've been working on putting together interesting programs in the 
Central region of the PVRC that we hope will be of interest to all our 
members and the amateur radio community at large.

Pencil in the following following speakers/presentations:

* Mid-or late September:
- Paul Dickson, (locally based) author of "Sputnik, The Shock of the 
Century." This book, originally published in 2001 and being reissued in 
time for the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik (October 4), is a 
great discussion of the events leading up to and the aftermath of the 
launch of Sputnik and the beginning of the space race.

* Early October:
- Jim Brown, K9YC, renowned expert in audio reinforcement and author of 
publications on RFI and amateur radio 
(www.audiosystemsgroup.com/publish.htm).  We have been talking to Jim 
with the expectation that he will be able to swing through the area in 
conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society's annual meeting in New 
York during the first week of  October.

* October 18 (Thursday) PVRC Downtown lunch
- Kristen Haring, author of  "Ham Radio's Technical Culture," a 
fascinating look at  ham radio and the technical 'societies' and clubs 
that sprang up in the post World War I era.  Dr. Haring's book has 
stirred up some controversy in traditional amateur radio circles (see 
the review in the March 2007 QST) and is well worth reading.

More details as they develop.

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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