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I am following-up on an earlier request regarding an invitation for AMSAT
to give a presentation at a Montgomery Amateur Radio Club meeting.  I have
had a lot of positive feedback from members waiting to hear more about
when this might occur.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Jason Foster, N3PRZ
MARC President
301-208-8663 home/office
240-994-7374 cell
n3prz at n3prz.com

> Hello Martha,
> I have many pictures, I can give someone to present... the same goes for
> Dick Daniels.
> I am not certain I will be in town to help out, therefore I can't commit
> to
> anything.
> All the best
> Mark
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> If you are willing to handle this, please contact Jason and let me know.
> I
> don't want them to think we are not interested.  73- Martha
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>> The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club, Inc. would like to invite AMSAT to
>> make a presentation at one of our club meetings.  Many of our members
>> have been participants and volunteers at AMSAT, but yet many are not
>> that familiar with your organization.  AMSAT is one that is on the
>> leading edge of Amateur Radio, and I would like for our members to
>> learn more about AMSAT and related topics.
>> Our club meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each
>> month, and begin at 7:30pm.  We can have you come as early as February
>> 21st, 2007.  I also wish to invite anyone from your organization to
>> attend our next meeting, is a dinner meeting, and we will be at the
>> Ambrosia Grill on
>> Rt.355 (Rockville Pike) near Montgomery College.  The dinner meeting
>> starts around 7:00pm, but you are welcome to come a little earlier or
>> later as desired.
>> Thank you for you attention.
>> Jason Foster, N3PRZ
>> President
>> Montgomery Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
>> 301-208-8663 home/office
>> 240-994-7374 cell
>> n3prz at n3prz.com
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