[amsat-dc] Re: AMSAT-DC Space Seminar Reaps Outstanding Success

Charles Heisler -K3VDB- ceheisler at comcast.net
Tue Mar 27 16:03:36 PST 2007

At 08:43 PM 3/24/2007, Pat Kilroy wrote:
>WHAT A FINE MEETING and space seminar we had
>Perhaps those of you who were in attendance
>can respond with comments about one or two of
>your favorite talks or demos. Please also help
>me in thanking the presenters ...

         I would like to add my note of appreciation and Thanks to 
all of the AMSAT
VIPs and presenters, also special thanks to Pat N8PK for all his 
hosting efforts.

         As was mentioned at the meeting, we in the AMSAT-DC area are favored
with more than our share of the people that make AMSAT-NA run. It is 
my opinion,
I would be missing a great opportunity if I didn't attend.


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