[amsat-dc] AMSAT-DC Space Seminar Reaps Outstanding Success

Pat Kilroy pat at patkilroy.com
Sat Mar 24 16:19:55 PST 2007

WHAT A FINE MEETING and space seminar we had 

Perhaps those of you who were in attendance can 
respond with comments about one or two of your 
favorite talks or demos.  Please also help me 
in thanking the presenters ...  

I thank you all for your participation, especially 
to our speakers:  

1. Scott Stevens, N3ASA, via a remote link from 
   some place near York, PA.  With Mike Mantrose, 
   KA2JAI, assisting with the slides and EchoLink 
   connection.  (11:41 - 12:05)

2. Rick Hambly, W2GPS.  (12:08 - 1:21)

3. Dan Schultz, N8FGV.  (1:23 - 1:26)

4. Bob Davis, KF4KSS.  (1:29 - 2:12)

5. HaoQi "Esther" Li, KI4LJD, a senior at Thomas 
   Jefferson High School in Fairfax, VA with 
   fellow TJHS student Nastia.  See Esther's 
   keen bio at http://www.qrz.com/KI4LJD  
   (2:17 - 2:35)

6. Charlie Heisler, K3VDB.  (3:04 - 3:25)

7. Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.  (3:28 - 4:20)

8. Heru Walmsley, W3WVV.  (4:57 - 5:20)

9. Tom Clark, K3IO.  (5:21 - 6:00)

Also, thank you to Gary Chatters, WA9ZZZ, for 
AMSAT-DC Talk-in on 146.76 MHz FM, thank you 
to Charlie K3VDB and Tom K3IO for being our 
photographers.  Thank you to Sean Barnes, N3JQ, 
Physics teacher at Trinity High School for 
making HD video recordings of us!  

Thank you to Bob Carpenter, W3OTC, for his 
awesome efforts in helping Martha in the office 
for several years, and who made it clear that 
more help is needed.  Please inquire within!  

Thank you for those of you who helped set up 
and clean up.  Thanks for those who offered 
excellent technical insight and advice from 
the floor, especially to the students.  

A great time was indeed had by all.  

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Kilroy, N8PK
AMSAT Area Coordinator
and AMSAT-DC host

pat at patkilroy.com or n8pk at amsat.org ...
Either one but not both, since each address 
goes to the same home.  

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