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Re: Please forward this to whoever in AMSAT
Please forward this to  whoever in AMSAT may have forming a list
of equipment/materials for  school(s) to participate in future OSCARs.

73, Bill, W3HXF
Examples of areas to be covered in a multi-year equipment list.
Each task below is a complete station. Complete to serve a particular  
The first task/year's budget are for a few of those satellites that are in  
Other task/year's aimed toward planned OSCARs not in orbit yet.

>Budget task A:
>Please provide a list (better yet a kit, for  a cubesat-capable 
>ground station),
>so I can compile budgetary  information.
>For a later year:
>Budget task  B:
>  AO-13 or AO-40-capable ground station:
>145.880 MHz USB +  145.920 MHz USB Up & 435.300 MHz High to listen
>FM (S) mode:   2401.200 MHz to listen.
>Uplink: 1268.700 MHz USB  transmit.
>Please  provide a list (better yet a kit for an AO-13 or 
>AO-40-capable ground  station),
>i.e., AMSAT's Project Eagle plans call for an mode U/V  transponder
>for SSB, CW and other modes.
>  I wish to leave  the budgetary information for The Excelsior Team 
> <_excelsior.tj at gmail.com_ (mailto:excelsior.tj at gmail.com) >
>Thomas  Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is located 
>on Braddock  Road.
>The address is: 6560 Braddock Road Alexandria, VA 22312
>What  satellite(s) have their eastern USA pass between
>12:45 pm is a good time  because lunch would have ended (which equals 
>1745 UTC)
>and 4  hours later.
>For a much later year, Eagle could launch by  2010:
>Budget task C:
>Specification  would make the  satellite's S2 band uplink and C band 

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