[amsat-bb] AlfaSpid RAS-1 up and running

kb2mjeff at att.net kb2mjeff at att.net
Wed Mar 7 18:58:18 UTC 2018

I installed the RAS-1 and got everything working yesterday. Even the 450 degree function in SatPC32 is working. Only issue I have(and I was warned about this) is it’s rotational speed is very slow, maybe twice as slow as a G-5500. The cure for this is to run a higher voltage power supply of 24v. Now I have a 28 v supply I use for my 1.2 gig amp and was wondering if it was possible to mod the RAS-1 system to run on 28v. Anyone look into this? I tried contacting  AlfaSpid  about this and never got a reply...

73 Jeff kb2m 

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