[amsat-bb] AO-92 L/v Activation Schedule ( 23cm up)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Mar 7 02:44:07 UTC 2018


If you were listening last Sunday morning, I was the "one guy working
AO-92 L/v" you heard. Some of these western AO-92 L/V passes have
been lonely as you described, and one morning saw a station from Utah
join in. I have been able to use these passes to improve on my tuning
for the 1.2 GHz uplink. I'm getting better at that, along with practice
orienting my antenna to make my 1W transmitter power work in this

The setup I used on Sunday morning was an Alinco DJ-G7T, transmitting
1W into a no-name Chinese-made 10-element Yagi. The Yagi is rated at
12 dBi gain. Using that figure, and factoring in the 20cm of coax
between the driven element and the N connector that goes to the radio,
my ERP with this antenna is around 9 to 10 watts. On other weekends,
I have been using a 5-element Yagi made by Comet in the 1990s rated at
11 dBi gain. If that's true, my ERP with that setup is around 7 to 8
watts when using the same DJ-G7T. And, as N8HM said, AO-92's L/V
configuration has been worked with a 1W HT & whip antenna - something
I have not yet been able to replicate.

If you can get on next Sunday with your setup, please join in. As you
heard, these passes are not crowded. Even if one or two others join in,
there is still enough time to experiment. In your case, that could be
seeing how low you can take your 10W transmitter power down and still
be heard.


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On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 7:24 PM, Mr B r a d via AMSAT-BB <amsat-bb at amsat.org>

> I think I heard the Ao-92 YL voice beacon very well and one guy working
> AO-92L/v  with the 23cm/1.2g uplink over the weekend , ( no one else to
> talk to ) .... what ERP is needed for this mode?
>  Could my ts2000x with 10 watts into a helix work for this ?
> ​<snip>...Brad / ko6kL

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