[amsat-bb] SatPC32 and AlfaSpid RAS-1 rotor

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Tue Mar 6 01:15:46 UTC 2018

I received my RAS-1 from the UK this afternoon. Cables are build, powering up the rotor on the bench tomorrow morning. I’m a little confused about SatPC32 control. I found this in the  SatPC32 DOC’s...

The latest release of SatPC32 V. 12.8c (April 24th 2014) comes with driver files for the Spid Mod2 and the Spid MD mode (ServerSpid.exe and ServerSpidMD.exe). If you use such controllers choose the item Spid or Spid MD from the list of supported controllers in menu "Rotor Setup".  For detailed instructions click the "Help"  button of ServerSpid or ServerSpidMD. 

The following hints are important if you run the Yaesu mode of the controller..  

To steer AlfaSpid rotors with SatPC32 choose the option  „Yaesu_GS-232“ (menu “Rotor-Setup”). 
LX1BB sent me the following description of his rotor setup. He is using a combi control box for azimut and elevation.

SatPC32 setup:
Max. Elevation: 90 (menu Rotor Setup)
Park Position: Az=0, El=0 (Menu Rotor) 

Com = x?
Baudrate: 600

AlfaSpid Setup:
P = 1.00    1.00
PH = 359    90
PL = 340    -1
PS = 4A
PP = 0.00   0.00

Press the  F key until „A“ appears. 

The PL setting is very important. I set the “Overtravel” 19 degs. With this setting I have no problems with my cables.  A few degs. more or less would also be sufficient. I had to set the elevation to –1 deg. to allow parking at 0,0.

Is this still valid? Any suggestions on SatPC32 with the RAS-1 from current users. What rotor interface are you selecting  Yaesu GS-232, AlfaSpid, or AlfaSpidMD?

I have the USB AlfaSpid control box...

73 Jeff kb2m

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