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Rolf Krogstad rolf.krogstad at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 18:38:10 UTC 2018

Please change the very first line of my previous email to this:
Yes - Do the DataBackup first, then uninstall the previous version, then
install the new version, *then run DataBackup again, this time choosing the
[Restore Data] button.  Then Run SatPC32 and your license and
settings/configurations should be restored.*

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 12:34 PM, Rolf Krogstad <rolf.krogstad at gmail.com>

> Yes - Do the DataBackup first, then uninstall the previous version, then
> install the new version.
> Before installing, run the DataBackup program.  It is available from the
> Programs>>DataBackup link in the Menu Bar of the current SatPC32
> installation.
> It is also in the same directory as the new install program.  Run tha
> using the [Save Data] button.
> Then, from Erich's download page, http://www.dk1tb.de/downloadeng.htm,
> follow his instructions:
> *To install SatPC32 on your PC proceed as follows: a*. Create a new
> folder on your HD (using the Windows File Explorer or another file
> manager)  and name it (i.e.) SatSetup.
> *b.* Download the appropriate program version  using the links above.
> *c.* Click on the 'Download' button of your  browser (usually a blue down
> arrow). Windows will display  the name of the downloaded ZIP file. Double
> click.on the file name.  WinZip  will now display  the content of the ZIP
> file:
> DataBackup.exe
> Readme.txt
> UpdateInstruction.txt
> What's New.txt
> setup.exe .
> *Important: Don't try to run the setup program in thr WinZip window!*
> You will get the message during installation that you need administrator
> rights, even if you are the administrator.
> Click on * 'Extract*  *>* *On My  PC'* instead. and in the window that
> opens navigate to the  folder you created  and extract the files.
> *d.*  If this is the *first *installation of SatPC32 *RIGHT click on
> *setup'* and from the list that opens choose *'Run as Administrator'*.
> Then follow the suggestions of the setup program.
> *e. Updating of older  program versions Program version 12.8d can be
> installed * into the same program folder that contains the older program
> version (12.8 ... 12.8c).  Unfortunately, the older installation has to be
> removed first, however.  Otherwise, the Installshield setup program of
> SatPC32 V.12.8d will refuse to install the update  Your personal settings
> therefore will be lost. The program *'DataBackup.Exe'  *allows you to
> easily  save your settings via mouse click and then to restore them after
> the installation of V.12.8d is finished.  The program 'DataBackup.Exe' can
> be started from menu 'Programs' of your previous version or in the SatSetup
> folder (see above)..
>  After V. 12.8d has been installed run DataBackup again either  from the
> new SatPC32 menu 'Programs'.or in the SatSetup folder and restore your
> settings.
> 73
> Rolf   NR0T in EN34
> On Mar 1, 2018 12:24 PM, "Bob- W7LRD" <w7lrd at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Hi  All- When downloading a new copy of Satpc32 should all traces of the
>> prior install be deleted?
>> 73 Bob-W7LRD
>> Seattle
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