[amsat-bb] AMSATDroidFree now Open Source

David Johnson dave at g4dpz.me.uk
Tue Jan 30 19:14:11 UTC 2018


My congratulations to the writers of ISS Detector. It has all the features that I would like
to have added to AMSATDroidFree but I now have other priorities (tempus fugit)

To that end, I am making the source code to AMSATDroidFree available on a public
repository on GitHub for those of you who like to tinker.

https://github.com/g4dpz/AmsatDroidFree <https://github.com/g4dpz/AmsatDroidFree>

I should like to thank all the people who given me suggestions and have downloaded it over
the years and are still using the application.


Dave, G4DPZ

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