[amsat-bb] FT-726R lithium battery replacement

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Sun Jan 28 13:52:38 UTC 2018

Yaesu FT-726R Technical Supplement (Service Manual)

TURN to Pages 55 and 87 of the Yaesu FT-726 Service Manual.
The Lithium Coin Cell can be found on the FT-726 Control Board, 
BAT3001, Yaesu Part #: Q9000106 , CR-2025

This is a solder tab lithium coin cell battery.  
These batteries are used in millions of automotive and truck transponders (security parking, toll road collectors) and typically ~ $1 each.

Digi-Key and Mouser both stock Panasonic coin cells (w/solder tab) replacements, such as the BR2032 and CR2032 models.  The Suffix determines solder tab configuration.
The Panasonic CR-2032/HSN appears to be modern replacement, horizontally mounted the vertical pins have 15.2mm spacing.  Drawing here:

DIGI-KEY P659-ND ; CR-2032/HSN 

Mouser 658-CR-2032/HSN ; CR-2032/HSN

NOTE:  Lithium Batteries are prohibited from cargo transportation in passenger airplanes.  So USPS Priority Mail, which often uses that cargo space, will not be allowed.
Both Mouser and Digi-Key flag this during the order/shipping selection process.

greg, w9gb
Has anyone ever replaced the lithium battery (to keep memory in tact with power off) in the Yeasu FT-726R transceiver? If so was it difficult and do you remember the battery number?

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