[amsat-bb] FoxTelem Version 1.06 Released

Chris Thompson g0kla at arrl.net
Sun Jan 28 01:49:48 UTC 2018

As always, you can download FoxTelem here:



On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 8:30 PM, Chris Thompson <g0kla at arrl.net> wrote:

> ​I am releasing version 1.06 of FoxTelem today.  This release addresses
> several defects and instabilities in FoxTelem 1.05 and earlier.  It also
> introduces a new Earth Plot that allows any telemetry value to be plotted
> as a heat map
> against a map of the earth.  For more details about the Earth Plot and
> some example plots, you can read a quick tutorial that I have written here:
> http://www.g0kla.com/workbench/2018-01-26.php
> As always, let me know if you see any issues or log them on github at
> https://github.com/ac2cz/FoxTelem/issues
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> * EARTH PLOTS allow you to plot any telemetry value as a heat map on a
>   map of the earth
> * Allow graphs and telemetry results to be searched with UTC dates and for
>   ranges of uptime/dates
> * Allow stepping through the telemetry with up/down arrows
> * Prevent hang when decoder starts if FCD returns an error
> * Fixed bug where TLEs were not updated in the name is changed in the
> spacecraft
>   settings window
> * Fixed crashes introduced in 1.05 release
> * Display all HERCI High Speed payloads when Raw Byte Payloads showm
> * Fix bug where missing TLE disables spacecraft from being tracked at all
> * Fixes bug where DDE connection to SatPC32 fails with European decimal
> point
>   format
> * Add MPPT calibration values for Fox-1D
> * Improved the RF signal measurements
> * Improved the Find Signal algorithm
> * Space graph labels more evenly
> * Put the spacecraft tabs in FoxId order
> And many other bug fixes. Full list of changes here:
> https://github.com/ac2cz/FoxTelem/milestone/3?closed=1
> --
> Chris E. Thompson
> chrisethompson at gmail.com
> g0kla at arrl.net

Chris E. Thompson
chrisethompson at gmail.com
g0kla at arrl.net

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