[amsat-bb] Exciting Coax

jim at k6ccc.org jim at k6ccc.org
Tue Jan 23 22:54:25 UTC 2018

Greg D said (in part):
>  Yes, but wet 9913 has a loss of ?

I'm not sure any of us can count that high!
Many years ago I had some 9913 on my satellite antennas.  After a while I found that the 430 yagi was getting very deaf listening to mode V/U birds.  Found the cable full of water.  Because my cables made a 180 degree sweeping bend just before entering the house, I ended up drilling a small in the outer jacket and braid right at the bottom of the bend.  Drained over a pint of water out of the coax.  This was on a run that was less than 25 feet long, and both ends were at weather protected locations.  Left it that way for at least a year before replacing the cable with LMR400.
Jim Walls - K6CCC
jim at k6ccc.org

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