[amsat-bb] L-Band Equipment List

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Tue Jan 23 05:37:22 UTC 2018

Thanks for all the comments.  Back in 1998 I bought the new FT-847 
just before AO-40 launch.  I was also getting into eme starting on 
2m.  The 847 worked very nice for satellite operation and eme and I 
kept it for 14 years.  Note: I was AL7EB until 2005.

But in 2010 I decided using a better HF radio with good transverters 
was a better way to do eme so I bought a K3 and DEMI transverters for 
144/222/432/1296/3456.  I already had a 10368/144 DEMI 
transverter.  Subsequent to selling the FT-847 in 2012, I missed 
having full use of the 430-450 band and decided after quite a lot of 
searching new dual-band FM radios that finding a substitute for the 
old 847 made more sense.  A local ham up here in AK had three 
FT-736R's so I convinced him to sell me one that had the basic 
VHF/UHF bands for $500.  Interestingly, that got me a good old 
satellite radio in addition with all-mode on both bands.  I had two 
other radios with 6m and transverters for 222 and 1296 so did not 
need to get those modules for the 736R.

Since then I sold the DEMI 222/28 and bought a 222 30w FM transceiver 
(no SSB in use on 222 up here).  My DEMI 432/28 has been idle with 
having the FT-736R.  But it might still get some use as I installed 
dual LO's (locking PLL) to cover 432-434 and 435-437 MHz.

I can do 144-MHz with the K3+DEMI or with my KX3-2M; probably use 
either on Rx and use the 736R with DEMI 144/1268 to Tx.  But first 
step will be getting the 736R back on satellite U/V using my old 
AO-40 az-el tracking antennas.  Probably get around to that in Feb. 
so you may hear another Alaskan on the sats "pretty soon".

73, Ed - KL7UW
PS: I am on eme for 6m/2m/23cm and by next summer 9cm.  Also 
collecting parts to do 3cm-eme (eme took over my interests after AO-40).

At 02:22 PM 1/22/2018, John Geiger wrote:
>Right now Ham Radio Outlet 
>(<http://www.hamradio.com>www.hamradio.com) has a Yaesu FT736R with 
>the 6 meter module and the 23cm module on their consignment list for $1000

73, Ed - KL7UW
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