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And I of course left my Alinco DJ-G7T at my summer home in NJ. So I said 
what the hey, I ordered a 1.2 gig module for my IC-9100, and a Comet 
CYA-1216e . I found the 1.2 gig antenna at R&L for $134, a new  UX-9100  on 
Ebay shipped to me for a total of $412 from Japan. What a deal :-)

73 Jeff kb2m

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Initial L-band testing (approximately a 16 deg eastern pass) indicated that 
it may not take as much power as initially thought to get into the L-band 
portion of AO-92.  One op, N8HM was using an Alinco DJ-G7T handheld with 1 
watt and a modified Comet CYA-1216e yagi (boom drilled to accept 2m elements 
from Arrow antenna.  Feed line was 4' of LMR-240UF plus two adapters: BNC to 
SMA adapter for the HT and BNC to N adapter. Another op, N8TLV, was using an 
FT-104 hand held with 1 watt, fed into stock rubber duck antenna.  Again, 
this was initial testing and represents my personal observations.  I am not 
affiliated with AMSAT, other than being a member and enthusiastic satellite 
The Comet CYA-1216e yagi, when combined with Arrow Antennas 2m elements, 
appears to be a popular antenna for portable operations.  M2 Antennas, 
Directive Systems Engineering, and WiMo offer several antenna choices, 
depending if you need a tower-mounted antenna or something capable of being 
Shorter, high quality coax, with no adapters will always provide a better 
result. LMR240 or 240UF will be fine for shorter, hand-held runs,  LMR400 
for moder runs, and LMR600 + for longest runs.
As for a preamp, it will depend on your setup.  If you need a preamp to hear 
AO-91, then you will need one to hear AO-92.
Hope this helps,73 de KE4AL, Robert EM71

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I'll add that I'm interested in Antenna/feed setups being used by folks?

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Can someone offer a little advice about the requirements for using the Fox
L-band uplinks? I have an full duplex u/V and v/U satellite station so I'm
guessing that my easiest route to L-band is an upconverter. But I've never
used anything above UHF, so any thoughts on what might be needed to get
started would be appreciated.




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