[amsat-bb] L-Band Equipment List

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Mon Jan 22 05:54:57 UTC 2018

Hi Robert,

I use an SSB Electronics UTM 1200dlx converter, that I originally
purchased for AO-51.  I believe that it is no longer in production but
there may be used units out there.

5W in, 15W out, powered via a power injector in the coax line.  It's
weatherproof and I used it outside several years before I moved the
antennas "inside".

An FT-817 is a perfect IF radio although I'm sure there are others you
could use.  The UTM was designed for 1268-1270 MHz with 144-146 MHz
input, so in order to get on AO-92 you need to account for that.  I have
the older FT-817 not-ND so it's just a menu setting to open it up.  I
switched to my FT-857 for AO-92 though because I think my 817 finals
gave up the ghost just in time for launch.    :-D
The FT-857 mod to allow the 143 MHz operation was easy for me, if anyone
is interested, and that says a lot since I'm not someone who you want to
try soldering anything under 1/8 W resistor size or so. 

It has done a great job for me on both AO-51 and so far, AO-92.  It has
been turn it on, operate, forget that it's there.  I don't have any
power measuring equipment for 1.2 GHz but I believe from the AO-51 use
feeding through a lot of coax and watching on my SDR now, even down to
1/2 W in produces 1.2 GHz power out.  Found that out when the 817 power
went low but I switched to the 857 just to be sure I had full output for
testing and commissioning AO-92.

Maybe eBay or a hamfest might turn something up for anyone who is

I didn't find much on an internet search when I was looking for a manual
the other day, the only hint I found was an (old?) SSBUSA price list.

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

On 1/21/2018 23:28, Robert Bankston via AMSAT-BB wrote:
> I am trying to compile a list of radios and transverters capable of operating L-band satellites (Fox-1D, Fox-1Cliff, and ESEO). A Google search revealed the following equipment.  Those still in production are identifies as "(current)"
> If you know of any others, please pass along. Robert, KE4AL
> Base:
>   Icom IC-910H
>   Icom IC-9100 (current)
>   Kenwood TS-790A
>   Kenwood TS-2000X (current)
>   Yaesu Ft-736R
> Mobile:
>   Icom ID-1
>   Kenwood TM-751A
>   Kenwood TM-741A/-941A
>   Kenwood TM-742A/-942A
> HT:
>   Alinco DJ-G7T (current)
>   Icom IC-12GAT
>   Icom IC-T81A
> Transverters:
>   DEMI 1296-144
>   DEMI L23HP (current)
>   Kuhne Electronics TR 1296 H 28/144 (current)
>   Kuhne Elecronics MKU 13 G3 23cm
>   SG Laboratory LTD 1296-144 (current)
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