[amsat-bb] Is This a Connector? If so, what kind?

anderson58625 anderson58625 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 01:43:16 UTC 2018



Not being especially familiar with microwave equipment, I came across a type
of connection which is currently a mystery to me.  I know it is a
connection, but I'm not sure if it is a connector.


In seeing pictures of some microwave PA's, sometimes a fine pin or pins are
on the chassis for voltage connection.  But, is it a connector?  If so, what
kind?  (with that I can Google my way to more information)


I'm guessing the connection is special to ensure insulation and the
integrity of chassis shielding(?), but I can't seem to find the mating
female connector (if that pin is indeed a connector and not just a


I'm guessing the BB won't allow images inside a message, so there are some
examples at
s-extras.596138/ (scroll down over half way).


Not being even close to needing an amp-I just got my Arrow ant.  but haven't
even make a contact yet <grin>-I still must have  interest or I wouldn't be
daydreaming by looking at antennas, LNA's, transverters, and PA's online.


Thank you!


Mark W9AT



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