[amsat-bb] Kantronics KPC-9612

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Thu Jan 18 15:06:57 UTC 2018

Hi Peter. I had to check this to make sure my memory was correct. It looks 
like the 9612 can't do 9600 baud on both ports.


So, to help with anyone looking for a TNC to do this via hardware I will 
start a list here. I'm running my trusty old AEA DSP 2232. I also have an 
old  Symec  TNC3S 9600/38400 that appears to be able to be modded to work at 
9600/9600. I emailed a contact listed on Symec's web site for instructions 
on how to do so and never got a reply. If anyone want's to mess with the 
Symec, make me an offer. Some of the guys accessing the PACSAT are doing it 
with software modems, maybe one of you guys can help Peter out...

73 Jeff kb2m

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I’m considering purchasing a Kantronics KPC- 9612 to use for Falconsat-3, is 
anyone using this unit for FS3 and is it plug-play?   If anyone has used 
this unit in the past on older satellites with WISP I would also be 
interested in your comments, thank you.


Peter, W2JV

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