[amsat-bb] Antenna coverage

David Johnson dave at g4dpz.me.uk
Thu Jan 18 09:21:22 UTC 2018


I am playing with a new feature that will be included into the FUNcube warehouse that is under development:

Capturing the sub-sat point for each packet received so that I can get a rough picture of the coverage (this is from my turnstile without preamp).

The site I'm using for ideas is: https://www.darrinward.com/lat-long

I can get all your FUNcube sub-sat points from the database if you should be interested.

I have a written a web service that will get the realtime position, which emits JSON:


http://satpredict.badgersoft.com/satellite/position/39444?latitude=52.4670&longitude=-2.022&altitude=200 <http://satpredict.badgersoft.com/satellite/position/39444?latitude=52.4670&longitude=-2.022&altitude=200>


- Dave, G4DPZ

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