[amsat-bb] Other Signal Near Fox-1D

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 14:35:14 UTC 2018


I believe that wide signal is CAS-4B telemetry?   I know it's been
mentioned on twitter several times.


Hello All,
> As one have who has been enjoying collecting telemetry and contributing to
> the Fox-1D effort (although minimally) I have noticed what seems to be a
> big signal near the Fox-1D telemetry signal, especially often early in the
> pass. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this as well? I am assuming it is
> one of the other 31 satellites that were released around the same time as
> our bird was but that is just a guess. I am also guessing that the signal
> looks like video, but again I have no basis on which to base that. Thanks
> to all who have contributed to this awesome bird and its success and
> congratulations.
> Anybody know what this is? It seems to be at about 145.8300.
> Thanks,
> Fred Castello - KF4FC

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