[amsat-bb] Fox Tlm with FC dongle

David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Fri Jan 12 17:16:57 UTC 2018

Problem solved:

Thanks Chris Mark Alan + Nitin.

FYI.   Although there wasn't another program running, it looks like SDR#  had set the parameters for the gain and filtering. - I'll have to watch out for that.

Running SDR# again, I reset the front end filtering to '2m'  and saw that copied across to FoxTelem.
So monitoring back in action.

Thanks for the help, and good luck with Fox-1D


David G0MRF

Hello David!

 From time to time with the FCDPP I find this helpful to do if something is going "wrong":

exit FoxTLM
unplug/plug in FCDPP 
followed by launching FCHID2.002.exe then resetting to default values, then setting the frequency to the "center" frequency I want to use with FoxTLM
followed by launching FoxTLM

That fixes about anything "weird" I've seen!  Give that a go. 

Mark N8MH 

At 06:53 PM 1/10/2018 -0500, David G0MRF via AMSAT-BB wrote:
>Hi all.
>I've returned from a break over Christmas and noticed the signal level on my fox-tlm screen has dropped.
>I've also noticed that the various parameters for the dongle include   LNA and Mixer gain along with IF bandwidth of 200kHz
>However, there is also a box that says RF filter and that is set to 0-4MHz.
>I can't see anyway to change the RF filter setting !   I assume this should be 2m to select the internal SAW filter.
>Any idea where I can start looking?
>Many thanks
>David  G0MRF

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