[amsat-bb] Listening for QIKCOM-1?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 8 21:33:06 UTC 2018

Anyone looking for  something to do with a gain array, might want to track
the SIMPL spacecraft while listening on 145.825.

This is the host spacecraft that has QIKCOM-1 module on board.

The SIMPL ground team reports detecting some S band signals apparently from
SIMPL.  So that is an indication that maybe the spacecraft powered up.
That being the case, then maybe it powered up QIKCOM-1 also.  But if the
host CPU did not send the antenna release signal, then QIKCOM-1 may be
powered up but with antennas all coiled up and still in their slot.

But high gain stations might hear something.  This is a far fetched
scenario, but if someone is looking for something to do, its worth a
listen.  The object number is

42983 or type SIMPL in spacetrack.

QIKCOM-1 beacons once a minute on 145.825 APRS 1200 baud and should respond
as a digipeater using the path of ARISS or APRSAT.  So rather than wait for
the 1 minute beacon, you are welcome to ping it as well.  But remember,
like all APRS digis, it will ignore dupes for a while.  I think the DUP
delay was set to ten seconds.

And even if you do not decode it, if your 10 kW EIRP signal can get a PING
response every 10 seconds or so, then  that would be something you might

QIKCOM-1 transmits with 4 Watts.  But into a shorted antenna, the signal
might be down 26 dB or more… something like 10 mw.  Not decodable, but
detectible by ear maybe.

Good luck fishing.

Bob, WB4aPR

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