[amsat-bb] Diplexer recommendation

Rico van Genugten rico.van.genugten at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 10:01:48 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'm slowly assembling my satellite base station setup bit by bit, I have
recently mounted an antenna system on my roof consisting of two
perpendicular VHF/UHF open-sleeve yagi's mounted at a fixed elevation of 25
degrees on an azimuth rotator, more info here:

So I have two feed lines coming into the house, both suitable for VHF and
UHF operation. I want to be able to independently select one of the two
antennas for RX and TX. This can be realized using two diplexers and two
switches, but now for the million dollar question: Which diplexer?

I'm curious to know which diplexers you guys use if you use them, and which
can be recommended in terms of insertion loss, VSWR and isolation. If you
believe the manufacturer specifications they are all great, but I'm more
interested in real life performance or test measurements.


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