[amsat-bb] WISP step by step guide by Steve Bible N7HPR ?

christy hunter cchunter3 at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 4 21:36:18 UTC 2018

hello All,

1ST Q. I noticed the Amsat - 2005-WISP guide pdf says there is a step by 
step guide in the appendix (by N7HPR).
my copy obtained from the AMSAT/NA site,  does not have that appendix 
guide. Anyone have a copy? (I also do not see the
'Known Problems file'.

2nd Q. can this program(set of programs) be used without using the 
satellite control module, but instead use SatPC32?
e.g. just send messages to Falconsat3.
thanks for any help.
73 Christy KB6LTY

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