[amsat-bb] QIKCOM-1 possibility?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 2 23:05:43 UTC 2018

There was a possible report that the HOST spacecraft for QIKCOM-1 may have
been heard from.

If so, there is a chance that QIKCOM-1 may get powered up.  I checked the
PCSAT.FINDU.COM and SATWATCH web pages and see no hits...

But since those websites have never seen a QIKCOM-1 packet either, then we
don't know for certain if they will capture it if there ever is one...

Possible QIKCOM-1 callsigns are QIKCOM-1, QIKCOM-11 and QIKCOM-3..

Very small chance, but something to notice if you see it.
On 145.825  (and possibly 144.39 over the USA)...

Don't waste your time, but just be aware it is still up there, and if the
host ever powers up, then we come up too.


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