[amsat-bb] Es'hail-2

Peter Guelzow peter.guelzow at kourou.de
Tue Feb 27 20:08:25 UTC 2018

Hello together,

Indeed we are all very excited about the upcoming Es’hail-2  satellite,
which includes the first geostationary AMSAT P4-A transponder !

I would like to remind that we should be more patient regarding the
launch date and in particular we should only refer to official and
original sources.
Recent citation from unknown sources are creating more confusion in our
community and are also not really helpful.

Be assured that the Qatar Satellite Company will announce the launch
date as soon as possible when confirmed by SpaceX.

I have been asked and would also like to advise the correct brand name
and the way it's written whenever articles are written and published
about *Es’hailSat.*

The owner of the satellite and it's*company name* is *Qatar Satellite
*Brand name* is *Es’hailSat*

Satellite names are*Es’hail-1* and soon to be launched *Es’hail-2

*The brand and satellites names are to be written the way it is written
above, i.e.
-  brand name - capital E, apostrophe after the first ‘s’ and second ‘S’
in capital
-  satellite name - capital E, apostrophe after ‘s’ and hyphen before
the number

(no other alphabet in caps, no gaps between alphabets and/or punctuation
and definitely not in all caps)

Thanks to everyone for your support and understanding...
Exciting times are ahead!

best wishes
Peter Guelzow, DB2OS
President AMSAT-DL

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