[amsat-bb] SatPC32

Mark Lunday wd4elg at outlook.com
Mon Feb 26 00:26:32 UTC 2018


I can do groups, but why am I limited to 12 satellites per group?
Why does amateur.txt not have CAS-4A and CAS-4B?
Why, when I switch to nasa.all which does have CAS-4A and CAS-4B, do my list of satellites change?  When I switch back to amateur.txt, my previous edit is not saved?

The only reason I use SatPC32 is the ability to download Doppler.sqf files.  If not for that, I would jump to HR Deluxe (free version v5). Not complaining, just saying...

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG
Greensboro, NC  FM06be
wd4elg at arrl.net
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