[amsat-bb] BP41/51/50 on Satellite

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 20:47:17 UTC 2018

Hello fellow Bird Folk,

Tomorrow I venture above the 60th Parallel to the land of Anchorage. I will be active from BP41/51/50. The base of activity will be BP51, but 41 is very easy (line is on the airport, and I will be working at the airport) and 50 will be about a 25min drive. Should be good opportunities for all of NA, a good portion of Europe, and most of Japan/Eastern Siberia. This is a work trip so time will revolve around that, most activity will be evenings. I’ll be back to Juneau on a Friday afternoon so it’s only a Monday-Friday gig. I’ll warn specific passes on Twitter and open for skeds if anyone has a particular request. 


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