[amsat-bb] G-5500 rotor failure

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Some more info on rotor failure, and my solution. I was using this rotor 
with a small M2 Leo pack. I put it together from parts from several broken 
5500's for $200 so I don't know it's history. I've done pretty well with the 
5500's I've owned over the years. My first one was bought used in 1997 for 
another $200, it was already 5 years old. It lasted till 2008 turning large 
KML's, a 3 foot dish(taken down when AO-40 died), and a 55 L 1200 loop yagi. 
My second one that is still up in NJ, had the loose set screw problem last 
year. When I took it completely apart, fixed , and  put fresh grease in,  it 
was showing no wear. It's been up 10 years and counting. So Yaesu really 
doesn't owe me anything, I got a good deal on the RAS-1 so I hope it will be 
my last AZ-EL rotor purchase, or maintenance issue . When I take the 5500 
down and replace with the RAS-1 here, I then have spare parts for the 5500 
in NJ...

73 Jeff kb2m

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Well it looks like my 5500 had a failure. I found it dead with a blown fuse
this morning. I'm now thinking that the transformer was the intermittent
problem that has now failed. As I have a 5500 up north also I'm thinking of
just buying a new AlfaSpid  az el rotor and keeping the Yaesu for parts for
the 5500 at my NJ summer home. What AlfaSpid is anyone using? I see there
are at least 2 different ones available. All I need to turn is an M2 leo
pack, and a Comet CYA-1216E. Any rotor suggestions appreciated....

73 Jeff kb2m

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