[amsat-bb] G-5500 rotor failure

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Thu Feb 22 12:35:19 UTC 2018

Well it looks like my 5500 had a failure. I found it dead with a blown fuse 
this morning. I'm now thinking that the transformer was the intermittent 
problem that has now failed. As I have a 5500 up north also I'm thinking of 
just buying a new AlfaSpid  az el rotor and keeping the Yaesu for parts for 
the 5500 at my NJ summer home. What AlfaSpid is anyone using? I see there 
are at least 2 different ones available. All I need to turn is an M2 leo 
pack, and a Comet CYA-1216E. Any rotor suggestions appreciated....

73 Jeff kb2m

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I???m having an intermittent problem with my G-5500 rotor that is getting 
worse. Now several times a day when I acquire a satellite the elevation 
function doesn???t work. But, if I power the control box off and back on 
several times it starts to work. This is a problem with the Yaesu control 
box, as the manual elevation control doesn???t work when this happens. Any 
ideas to troubleshoot before I start to take things apart?

73 Jeff kb2m

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