[amsat-bb] 3 Axis air bearing Satellite Attitude Simulator

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 21 20:52:57 UTC 2018

We have to excess two large 3 axis airbearing simulators.    One is about
5' tall and supports a dumbbell shaped satellite simulator that is about 4
feet across.  The other is a 4' diameter disk that has all the same
attitude control stuff.  It is shown here:

The Dumbell one is similar to this one I found on line, except ours does
not have the two rectangular plates on the end.  Just the air bearing and
the arm and two disks.  It is complete since the disks contain large
reaction wheels in all three axis and a set of 6 cold gas thrusters from a
compressed air tank.

116/figure/fig8/AS:393203330109448 at 1470758387741/University-of-Michigans-T

The dumbbell one cleary has a larger 3D range of motion since the bulk of
the attitude control stuff is away from the bearing and will not run into
the support bearing as soon.

Consider these have NO working processor on board.  We got them surpluss
with the idea of using an Arduino controller instead of the huge PC it
originally had 2 decades ago.

They must go by May 1 by donation to a legitimate academic institution
willing to do the paperwork and come get it in the ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND

They are big and bulky, but are precision instruments.

Just a thought.

Bob Bruninga
US Naval Academy

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