[amsat-bb] G-5500 rotor issues

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It's not  the set screw issue, I just went through that with my NJ station 
last summer. When the rotor isn't working its not making any noise like its 
running and not elevating. It something intermittent in the control box or 
the rotor. Swapping the cables would drive one crazy with an intermittent 
problem. Next step will be to open up the connector at the rotor and 
inspect. If that looks ok, then open the control box up and check the relay. 
Last place to check will be the sensing pot in the rotor. If it's in the 
cable or control box, I'm going to fix, if it's the rotor I'm just going to 
live with it  until I get a hard failure, then I will take the rotor apart 
and rebuild.Thanks for all the suggestions...

73 Jeff kb2m

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I’m having an intermittent problem with my G-5500 rotor that is getting 
worse. Now several times a day when I acquire a satellite the elevation 
function doesn’t work. But, if I power the control box off and back on 
several times it starts to work. This is a problem with the Yaesu control 
box, as the manual elevation control doesn’t work when this happens. Any 
ideas to troubleshoot before I start to take things apart?

73 Jeff kb2m

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