[amsat-bb] ServerSDX not working

butch alline occamrazr at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 15:19:13 UTC 2018

Issue 1:  ServerSDX is not starting up with Sat32PC.  I did the following:

     a. Uninstalled then reinstalled everything in C:\Sat32PC. ServerSDX 
still does not autostart.

     b. Placed ServerSDX in the start up list and it now starts before 
Sat32PC.  But then:

Issue 2:  Cannot get ServerSDX to store com port properly.

     a. Starting Server SDX manually, using Win 10. Device manager says 
Com 4 is enabled and connected to my Arduino interface.  It is the only 
com port in use that is connected to anything.  I then click set up, 
enter com 4 and store.  I  now get a prompt to restart Sat32PC, but it 
is not running.

     b. If I then close Server SDX and restart, then I get "Port 4 could 
not be opened" error msg.  If I continue and do setup the COM port shown 
is 0 (zero).  Repeat ad nauseum.

I have read the manual, clicked R+, R-, and many other things. Somehow 
in the process I came up with this when trying to do a manual input:

My guess is that the fundamental problem is that ServerSDX is not 
starting and/or not storing the com port.

Any and all help appreciated.

Butch K8KO

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