[amsat-bb] help r pi i gate

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 14:47:27 UTC 2018

> Here is our setup R pi b USB sound card Baofeng radio Software Dirwolf
> Call sign on I-gate k5qxj-10 We have the R-pi log into the server I have
> two questions. What is the format to use the email server? What is required
> to the up the radio? Thx in advance DE nick k5qxj


First of all, I would suggest you ditch the baofeng and usb sound card in
favor of an RTL-SDR ($20 on amazon).   there are a ton of instructions
online on how to set up the RPi + RTL igate, and Andrew Rich has created a
script that does it all for you.   Really a much simpler setup than using
an actual radio and soundcard interface.

As to your questions, not sure what you mean by "email server"?   There is
no email server involved with an igate.    Not sure what you mean by "up
the radio".   Do you mean "uplink"?   If that's the case, you need to
fabricate a PTT circuit to key up the radio.   Vox is an alternative, but I
did some tests like that and got really bad results (vox would keep the
radio keyed up for many seconds after Tx'ing a packet, thus missing any
digipeats or auto *acks or responses.


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