[amsat-bb] K4T EL84 trip planned July 6-8

Matthew Stevens matthew at mrstevens.net
Tue Feb 13 23:50:39 UTC 2018

Now that we've got our plans finalized, I figured it would be good to
get this one on everybody's radar a few months ahead of time.

This coming July (6-8) myself, Robert KE4AL, and Rich, N4ESS will be
staging a multi day trip (using the callsign K4T) to the last
remaining Florida grid we've never activated: EL84. This trip has been
about 2 years in the making, and we hope to make it a good one.
Primary focus for myself will be 6m, with an emphasis on the digital
modes as band openings during peak Es season allow. Robert's focus
will be satellites, and Rich will be operating HF (primarily CW) for
the International Grid Chase. We will be arriving on Garden key
mid-morning on the 6th, and leaving about the same time on the 8th.
This will give us 2 full days (and nights) to operate as much as

Robert and I can both easily work horizon to horizon on FM and linear
sats, and will have 2 full sat stations along. Between the two of us,
it should be possible to cover a large number (if not most) of the
passes that will occur while on the island. We want to give everybody
within range the opportunity to work EL84! QSLs will be via LOTW, with
paper cards upon request.

We are working on a couple of options to allow communications via
twitter, email, and text message while on the island for sked
purposes. This should be a great help for 6m, and could possibly allow
for some tight satellite skeds into EU and South America.

Over the next few months, we'll be working on ironing out all possible
kinks in our stations, and do our best to make this trip a success for
everyone needing the grid! Pass schedules and plans will be updated
here, on twitter, and submitted to the AMSAT Upcoming Ops page as we
approach time for the trip.

In the meantime, you can follow our team on twitter at
https://twitter.com/k4t_el84. We'll post updated plans and info there.
Be sure and follow us, as that will be one of our primary channels for
communications while on the island!


- Matthew nj4y

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