[amsat-bb] KPC TNC and wisp. Conflict, or I missed something.!!

Nader Omer st2nh at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 20:16:43 UTC 2018

Hi All

I used the same setup I used before except  I changed the tnc to KPC9612 +..
Everything was fine with this setup. I worked Echo 51 satellite, tnc was samik  @ 9600 .bpsand  Hope1  tnx was mfj1278b  @ 1200 bps.--------------
Now my main problem is:............

KPC 9612 + refuse to key my radio (Icom 910) from MSPE.

KPC-TNC works great with any terminal programs, and keying any radios at both port. 
also  I setup wisp on my laptop – windows 10 following  the same steps of my friend Mineo Wakita at his nice website.
 I tested the wisp with mfj tnc and it was ok with  windows 10 setup @1200 bps and on my old desktop PC.
Last night manually I put  the KPC+ in KISS mode,  its  works ok and the MSPE keying the rig at 9600 bps.

Today when i was tracking the falconsat-3 ,the KPC refuse to key the radio again and it was deadly silent.........., i try every thing i knew 
( i tested two units of the kpc+) but I keep pulling  my grey hair since the last all week.....:(
Any help appreciated.73's
Nader Omer- st2nh

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