[amsat-bb] PSAT2 preps for delivery (maybe June launch)

David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Thu Feb 8 10:19:02 UTC 2018

Hi Bob.

That's a sad story.  Sounds like some interesting payloads.

1)  How about a DoD licence for comms ?
2) Sell it to someone South of the border for $1 and launch it as a foreign satellite.......(where did I get that idea?)


David G0MRF

As of tonight, PSAT2 finally has some photos as it prepares for final
testing in our long arduous 3 year campaign.


The Status is that the FCC still has not processed our 2 y ear pending API
notice as an Amateur Satellite because they claim there is some Federal
"mission".   But they have not said what they perceive that Federal
mission is?  Maybe its because  our undergraduate students are "DoD
employees" even though the satellite is 100% Amateur Radio with four
transponders including AX.25, DTMF, Voice Synthesizer, PSK31, SSTV and
HF,VHF and UHF amateur bands built as an undergraduate senior engineering
project purely for hands on education in the radio art.

Even the construction used only surplus student senior project electronics
from student bins and any purchases used non-DoD and no-federal GIFT

We have tried every argument in the book, but because the FCC is
sensitized to some past abuses of some Federal Labs in crossing the line,
we are being tossed into the same dirty bathwater.

Oh well.  We have 2 weeks to resolve this long going 2 year SNAFU with the
FCC or lose this long awaited launch.

Oh, and it is going up on the next SpaceX HEAVY launch.... Either to space
or the ocean... or into the closet if the FCC does not act favorably



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