[amsat-bb] CP antennas VS non CP antennas

jim at beeson.cc jim at beeson.cc
Sun Feb 4 22:08:50 UTC 2018

I have been licensed since 1966. I have fond memories of working LEO satellites like RS12/13, RS15, etc. but have not done any satellite work since the failure of AO40. The number of new LEO sats has
encouraged me to get back in the game so I pulled out some equipment & checked it out and am ready for the antenna. Sorry for being so long-winded but I thought a little history was in order so you would understand what I am about to ask. I know what circular polarization is and why it is used.
My question is, has there been any study or article or some real life actual experiences comparing CP antennas VS non CP antennas on the birds we currently have available? I have small antennas that have 70 cm & 144 Mhz in the same plane on one boom. Do you think it is necessary to go to the
time and expense to get a CP antenna (70 CM/144 Mhz) of either on the same boom or even more expense of a separate 70 CM CP antenna and a 144 Mhz CP separated on a longer boom? Thanks in advance….  

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